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FOX News
Jan 13, 2013 11:00pm PST
in the obama white house for a year or so. the president has too deal with the debt ceiling. he wants to pass major immigration reform. >> absolutely. >> chris: do something about climate change. has he told you how much political capital he is willing to spend on what is going to be a very tough fight? >> i think that the president has demonstrated tremendous leadership on this issue. i think the country rallied around him and h his leadership because he really was a voice for the parents who lost a child. >> chris: has he told you how much -- >> and i see from his actions and we hear from the white house and we hear from the vice president that they are going to lay down political capital on the issue and i think the one thing i would say to those people like larry and others who said we can't do anything about these issues is that whether it comes from the background checks or dealing with high capacity magazines which was the issue in newtown we can take action and to say that we should do nothing really doesn't respond to those parents in newtown who lost children in this horribl
Jan 20, 2013 9:00am EST
already a busy morning, the first official day of president obama's second term. fox news chief white house correspondent, ed henry, is tracking events from the north lawn. ed? >> reporter: good morning, chris. the crowds here are certainly smaller than four years ago but there is still celebration in the air, interrupted by the realities of the job and the president got frequent updates how the terror attack in algeria and overnight put out a statement condemning it in the strongest terms and it is a reminder of the extreme threat from al qaeda in northern africa, one of the many challenges waiting for him at the start of the second term. >> so help me god. >> president barack obama: so help me god. >> reporter: pomp and circumstance, one swearing in down and three to go and vice president biden sworn inat his residence, by sonia sotomayor. and they'll be laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown, less than three hours from now it will be the president's turn at the white house, in the blue room. the constitution says he needs to be sworn in by noon, january 20th and when it falls o
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)